Page Football 7 on 7 Tournament Schedule

Page Football is busy preparing for the 2016 season!  While the team is enjoying a little relaxation during the Dead Period, excitement is in the air as football season is among us.  Page's coaching staff is very excited about the team coming back and the incoming freshman class. 

The 7 on 7 season kicks off July 12 as the freshman and sophomores travel to Fayetteville for a throwing session against Fayetteville High School.  The lineman will also be going as well to get some one on one work. 

On July 13 Page Football will be 1 of 16 teams competing in the second annual Tennessee Titans 7 on 7 tournament.  

On July 14 Page Football will be competing in the Riverdale Warriors 7 on 7 tournament in which 32 teams will be in attendance.  It will be a great opportunity to compete against some of the best athletes in the mid-state.