Page Baseball Helps the Community

Page Baseball players do much more than just play the game.  These young men have a full plate as they study for high school, prepare for college, nurture relationships, and participate in several extra curricular activitys. As a team, we had the privilidge to serve and volunteer in two community servie projects: Cooper's Troopers Pumpkin Patch truck unload and the My Friend's House Coed Softball Tournament.  

Cooper's Troopers helps families who have children with cancer.  Specifically concentrating on the siblings of those who are sick.  Page Baseball players were just a handful of many volunteers to came together to help do some manual labor for the pumpkin patch.  It was amazing to see several different schools come together and help support his great cause.  The guys did a great job and will defintily be looking to participate next year.    

My Friend's House is a home for teenage boys, ages 12-18, who have been removed from their homes for various reasons, some due to neglect by their caregivers/parents, alcohol/drug abuse, truancy or homelessness. They provide a safe home for them, provide all areas of health care, counseling, mentoring and tutoring to get them back on track. This tournament was held to help offset the cost for providing all this for the boys in My Friend's House care.  Several Page baseball players volunteered their time to help umpire this event.  By doing this, My Friend's House was able defer the cost of umpires and keep that money for thier needs.  It was an amazing and humbling experience for our boys as they were forced to make critical decisions amongst some very competitive softball teams. They all performed admirably were happy to help such a great cause.